The Success Story of ADA HERBS

Two young girls, full of dreams, sisters, and close friends, full of illusions and fears founded on April 2012 a company specializing in skincare and haircare. Both university students, Mikena in Business-Management and Ada in Chemical Engineering. Ada, the elder sister, inspired by her education and her passion for beauty, is the first self-care products formulator in Albania. She has always been interested in beauty products. Since childhood exploring with masks, and treatments, immersing herself in creams in order to understand their structure, texture, and components. Mikena, is more introverted, and rational, planning every detail day by day building the 10 years old company for which they are proud today. Both determined and without any complexity, proclaiming to the world their dream called ADA HERBS.

Growing up in a family engaged in business, they knew closely the entrepreneurial spirit, but also the risk and the zigzags, but the desire to make it in the world was too strong. The first product they launched was the OIL COMBINATION, an innovative product for the Albanian market and received as such. They persevered in their road because they were convinced that the product was magical. An oil treatment like no other in the market and with the most incredible effects like hair growth, density, and healing of the scalp. Since the first year it dominated the market. Therefore, wishing to make it richer and better its structure, they worked with the HAIR OIL MASK with only one goal in mind: the best result. They started a formula with 5 different oils and after the amazing results that the clients were sending back and with the years passing, the girls started another path of serious education and training to reach the level of the best cosmetics formulators in the world.

The production initially was made by Ada and Miki in a high-level laboratory in Albania. For many years they worked with personalized products and on 2019 February 14th, lovers’ Day, they opened their first shop in the heart of Tirana, increasing the number of products from 12 to 43. Their second product, ALOE VERA SERUM, was also immediately appreciated by the clients, making it a perennial BESTSELLER in skincare. And while the company and products were taking big leaps forward, ADA HERBS, knew that their products should have an international standard, organic certification, and much higher quality in production and components. Unable to find these standards in Albania, they chose France as the world capital of cosmetics and natural products.

They chose France for its quality, standard, security in production, and more specifically the wonderful Provence in southern France. There, among the most qualitative cosmetics products in the world, are produced also ADA HERBS’ certified products. In the ninth year, after a long and arduous journey, ADA HERBS releases its first Made in France line of products. It’s the first Albanian cosmetics company produced in France, totally created and formulated by ADA and MIKENA, two talented Albanian girls with a portfolio of 15 original cosmetics formulations in the market. The biggest and most awaited product was the reformulated OIL
HAIR OIL MASK, which went beyond the client’s expectations surprising many with the results and the sales.

In only seven months since its market release, all the three-year production was finished. Success hardly comes without hard work, but on this tenth anniversary, the Albanian sisters have a lot of reasons to be proud. They are among the best cosmetics organic products in the European market, featured several times in some of the most prestigious magazines like GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Health & Wellbeing, and Tatler. You have to try ADA HERBS products. Besides the incomparable quality, you will also receive the sweet smell of dreams becoming reality.


Chief Formulator


Marketing Director



100% Mineral

SPF 30 Sunscreen

An hydrating and soothing SPF 30 sunscreen that provides protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays using 100% mineral filters, while also leaving skin soft and supple. It enhances natural luminosity and keeps skin moisturized. 

Hair Oli Mask

100% natural pre-shower/overnight hair treatment, enriched with organic cold-pressed oils, Vitamin E, and Rosemary essential oil, designed to stimulate strong, thick hair growth, increase volume, and impart shine and softness

Wine & Honey Shampoo Refills

98% natural, organic products that deeply nourish and cleanse your hair, offering antioxidant properties and balancing fat for sensitive scalps, and moisturizing, brightening your hair for a silky appearance


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